New Music

Clay Utopia

Clay utopia? A few years ago I wrote a piece with my favourite (sampled) instrument, the Array Mbira. The track met with greater response than I anticipated and was loved a lot by many. I wanted for a long time to return to that specific instrumentation with new melodies, and […]

Review of “Ding Dong” by Clown Magazine

Clown Magazine has written an excellent review for my album “Ding Dong”! Thank you so much! “Listening to Eliethel’s album Ding Dong, is a refreshing breeze of gentle pop-opera, and the new scene of folktronica. She sings smoothly and calmly, like the fluffiness of the clouds high above in the […]

Review of “Ding Dong” by AUDIOstylites

Thank you AUDIOstylites for this lovely review of my album “Ding Dong”! “ELIETHEL’S HAUNTED DREAMPOP IN DING DONG Once you listen to this music, you get drawn into the dream. Especially if you’re a musician. And just as in Inception, you’re never really sure whether you want to ride the […]