Eliethel (a.k.a. Evangelina Alexaki) is a Greek indie electronic music producer, vocalist and composer, currently based in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has studied classical, jazz, electronic music as well as music technology, and combines in her work influences that transcend time and space.  All of her music is completely self-produced. Eliethel’s music sounds like a dream escape between ocean waves and fresh morning breezes, tingling bell-sounding raindrops and velvet journeys in other dimensions.

Her latest release is the experimental electronica EP “November Landscapes”. Previous releases include the folktronica, dream-pop EP “Crystal Dreamworld” and album “Ding-dong”. Her very first release was the ambient instrumental “Streams”.

She studied Music Composition at the Ionian University, while enjoying the magnificent view from the Old Fortress in Corfu, Greece. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham, UK.