Review of “Ding Dong” by Clown Magazine

Clown Magazine has written an excellent review for my album “Ding Dong”! Thank you so much!

“Listening to Eliethel’s album Ding Dong, is a refreshing breeze of gentle pop-opera, and the new scene of folktronica. She sings smoothly and calmly, like the fluffiness of the clouds high above in the sky. The music is well adjusted to bounce off of the vocals, and the contents of what each song is about comes over like different colours of mist.

There is a lot of experimentation on each track and starting off in, Cigarettes on the Floor Mat you hear the reverse sounds that glide you into the song; mainly about being put into the burning flames of hell, after being in an unforgiving relationship, that has unfortunately ended.

Pandia and I’ve Been Haunted are close in the airiness and atmospheric space given in the composition, and the first track is leaning to mysticism, and the latter referring to revenge, and planning on ways of brutally, and blood chillingly even!   

Ding Dong gets more modern with a heavy kick drum sound booming when it should, and the piano following the melody of Eliethel’s vocals, while the Kingdom from within is explored.   

There is a social justice theme in Better To Know, strongly putting it to us that our sins can be the pinnacle cause of our suffering.

Keeping with similar issues the following tracks are a mixture of dabbling with drum ‘n’ bass, and synthesised string arrangements in; keeping things close, hidden and lying about your true emotions in  Everything’s Fine, and whose in control of you? in Puppeteer I, and the last song about loneness, dread and always leaning back on this Stupid Song.

There is a lot to be desired with what Eliethel’s done on this easily grasped album Ding Dong, is entertainingly experimental, often with psychedelic flavours, or in modern speak it refers to the ever-popular folktronica music, all mixed in with modern music, or just piano for accompaniment.”

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